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  A Convenient Way to Givegive.gif (18662 bytes)

  ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes) PERPETUAL FUNDING FOR MINISTRIES
The HarvestLine Stewardship Plan donates up to 10% of
your communications charges to the ministry of your choice
every month.  A portion of your monthly bill works in concert with
many others, effectively creating a perpetual endowment fund for
the advancement of the Gospel of Christ ~ and it costs you nothing! 
What a unique opportunity for effective and responsible stewardship!

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  ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes) GETTING STARTED IS EASY
Simply complete the online  application.
E-mail us if you would like a printed application.
                                                     Email Us

                   WB01599_.gif (1123 bytes)   Click here to enroll now!

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                                American Family Association of Colorado
                                Church Resource Ministries - Anaheim, CA
                                Crestwood Clinic for Christ - Jackson, MS
                                First Priority (Public School Ministry) - GA
                                First Christian Church - Stockbridge, GA
                                The Gift Goes On
                                Harvester Christian Academy - Douglasville, GA
                                Hope for the Hungry - Belton, TX
                                Intl. Pentecostal Holiness Church Men's Ministries
                                Intl. Center for Biblical Counseling - Colorado Springs, CO
                                Medical Marriage and Family Ministries - TN
                                Bible Memory by Memlok   - La Habra, CA
                                Moesta Ministries
                                Navigator's Community Ministries
                                New Geneva Theological Seminary (formerly Knox) -
                                                                           Colorado Springs
                                Operation Reveille (Mission to Unreached Peoples) -
                                                                           Colorado Springs
                                PEF (Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship) - Streets
                                                                and Alleys, Philadelphia
                                Pregnancy Care Center - Douglasville, GA
                Pre-Approved: (This is not an indication that these ministries have
                                           endorsed the HarvestLine Stewardship Plan, but rather
                                           that we at HarvestLine applaud the important work of
                                           these organizations.)

                                Your Christian, Evangelical Church
                                The Bible League
                                Compassion International
                                Focus On The Family
                                The Promise Keepers
                                Josh McDowell Ministries
                                Home School Legal Defense Association
                                Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International
                                World Vision

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                          WB01599_.gif (1123 bytes)  Click here to enroll now!


      A Welcomed Way to Save
Competitive Rates

ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes)    OUTBOUND SERVICE - REGULAR "DIAL 1"
                   LONG DISTANCE CALLING

Long distance users can enjoy family-friendly value and service
provided by a leading long distance carrier!  Call state-to-state
anywhere in the U.S. at one low, flat rate,* anytime, 24 hours a
day - not just at night or on weekends.  HarvestLine keeps your
rates low.  We believe it is inconsistent with biblical stewardship 
to charge a high rate and then 'give' to ministry.  Since most
people save, enrolling costs them nothing.

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ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes)    TOLL-FREE SERVICE ~ 800 / 888 / 877 INBOUND

Consider a toll-free number for your home or business!  The
HarvestLine program offers the same low, flat rate for inbound    
toll-free service.*  It's a great way for relatives, friends, employees,
customers, or constituents to reach you with toll-free convenience.
This is the perfect service for the family member who travels often,
or is away in college or the military.  Moms (and Dads) love it!

save2.gif (20836 bytes)

ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes)    CALLING CARDS
Travel cards are available when you use "dial 1" service through
the HarvestLine program.  Your away-from-home charges simply
appear on you direct monthly bill.  If you prefer, convenient prepaid
cards are also available.

ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes)    INTERNET ACCESS

Server-based, filtered Internet access via the largest Internet
network provider in the world assures you of protection for your family,
quality, high-speed connections, and cutting-edge technology.
HarvestLine assures you of the best value available.

ofcphon1.wmf (2570 bytes)    PAGING

National paging or Metro paging within your state or region --
whatever you need, HarvestLine has dependable service for as low as 
$2.94 per month, plus equipment.

Up to 10% is donated each month from all HarvestLine services.

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