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WB01060_.GIF (433 bytes)HarvestLine/ Debit Calling Card

Traditional Debit Calling Card  ~ @ 13.9 per minute!

You will receive this card with your HarvestLine 'dial 1' long distance service, or you may order the card aloneWith the HarvestLine calling card from TTI National, Inc. you can enjoy convenient calling while away from home. This calling card service has no monthly recurring fee, no per-call surcharge and is capable of origination from over 90 countries. You can request as many cards as you need. International service is also available at very competitive rates, with termination to over 230 countries.  International rates in International Rate table one.

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WB01060_.GIF (433 bytes) HarvestLine/ Minute Mania!
Prepaid Calling Card ~ @ 6.9 per minute*!
HarvestLine has arranged for your ministry to receive these discounted cards as a fund raising tool.  Each call has a connection charge of 49, so a ten minute call per minute average is only 11.8 per minute!   Great international rates listed below.  Your ministry earns 15% on the sale of each card!  If you would like these $5, $10, or $20 cards, simply mail your check to HarvestLine.  Be sure to deduct your 15%!  A minimum of 100 cards must be ordered.  International rates listed below.


Phone Pass Custom Minute Mania
  Prepaid Calling Cards
  For Your Organization~ @ 6.9 per minute*!

Looking for a new and effective fund-raising or promotional idea?   Let HarvestLine produce custom calling cards for your church, ministry, or business.  Prepaid cards are appreciated because everyone knows long distance time equals money.  And each one becomes a "miniature billboard" in your supporter's pocket or purse that they hold on to because of its value!  Your ministry earns 10% on custom cards.  Minimum order for custom cards is 500 cards.  Set up fee per design: $75 with photo ready art.

HarvestLine custom calling cards are a great way to:

  RAINBOWBALLANIM.GIF (2709 bytes)Promote your building program, ministry, brand or product.
  RAINBOWBALLANIM.GIF (2709 bytes)Show your appreciation to your constituents.
  RAINBOWBALLANIM.GIF (2709 bytes)Have a truly unique business card.
  RAINBOWBALLANIM.GIF (2709 bytes)Spread the Good News with the HarvestLine
                 Pocket Witness Guide.      
                                   turnbook.gif (1625 bytes)

To discuss your promotional idea e-mail us at
EMAIL7ANIM.GIF (2241 bytes)
A HarvestLine representative will contact you at your
              convenience to assist you!

Great International Prepaid Rates!

Argentina 42 Honduras 40 Pakistan 94
Brazil 29 Hong Kong 15 Panama 59
Canada 12 India 59 Paraguay 76
China 39 Indonesia 52 Peru 49
Columbia 19 Ireland 15 Philippines 25
Cuba 65 Israel 15 Puerto Rico 13
Dominican Republic 17 Italy 23 Russia 31
Ecuador 25 Jamaica 39 Singapore 19
Egypt 69 Japan 19 Taiwan 26
El Salvador 40 Jordan 69 United Kingdom 8.9
France 24 Lebanon 49 Venezuela 35
Germany 15 Mexico Band 1 9 Vietnam 89
Guatemala 25 Mexico Band 2-8 19 Yemen 79
Haiti 45 Nigeria 89    
*Domestic calls have an additional connection charge of 49.  Some international calls have a connection charge of $1, $1.50, or $2.  Due to FCC regulations, calls completed from a payphone may be subject to an additional surcharge.  A 25 monthly service charge will apply after first use.  All rates and additional taxes are subject to change without notice.
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