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Stewardship Plan
Donates up to 10% to your favorite ministry and you receive:
    WB01600_.gif (869 bytes) Low flat 6.5, 5.9, 5.5 and 4.9* rate for regular interstate "dial 1", and
                               inbound 800, 888 or 877 service for all Residential Accounts
		and Sole Proprietorships with under $1000 in monthly billing 
    WB01601_.gif (1010 bytes) Provided by a leading long distance carrier
    WB01602_.gif (1019 bytes) Family-friendly service 24 hours a day
    WB01603_.gif (1119 bytes) No sign up fees, no monthly fees, no minimum 
          		    usage charges (Incidental $2 monthly fee for 
              800 / 888 / 877 service. $25 minimum for 5.9 and 4.9  plan. $50 minimum for 5.5 plan.)
    WB01604_.gif (983 bytes) Six second incremental billing on "dial 1" and 
                            toll-free after the first 18 seconds
    WB01605_.gif (1068 bytes) Quick connections with no extra digits to dial
    WB01606_.gif (1097 bytes) Flexible and easy-to-understand direct billing
    WB01607_.gif (1044 bytes) Calling card provided with "dial 1" service at 
                            13.9 per minute 
    WB01608_.gif (1124 bytes) Low intrastate rates in most cases on "dial 1" 
			     and toll-free service                                   
    WB01599_.gif (1123 bytes) Click here to apply!
    WB01609_.gif (943 bytes) Click here for international rates
    WB01610_.gif (1038 bytes) Click here for intrastate rates  
*5.9 rate per minute requires $25 of minimum monthly usage. Call or email us for an application.                                

  $14.95 Monthly Internet Access with your long distance application!

Need Internet Access?  If so, check this out:  The new 'All-in-One' plan. 


All-In-One:  For just $25 per month you receive 250 long distance minutes and 150 hours of local Internet Dial
access.  That's a 22% savings over purchasing the same number of long distance minutes and Internet
Dial service separately!

HarvestLine All-in-One product offers a bundle of different products at one simple, low price. You will receive long distance, 
Internet dial, calling card and international calling for just $25.00 monthly.
250 minutes a month of interstate long distance, which includes outbound, toll-free, and calling card. 
All interstate calls in excess of 250 minutes are billed at $0.10 a minute.
150 hours of local Internet Dial.
Simple, low flat intrastate rates.
Great International rates with termination to more than 230 countries and origination from over 90.
Intrastate and International calling card have a $0.35 surcharge per call.


Enroll online now! for the 6.5, 5.9, 5.5, and 4.9 rate, or for the $25 'All-in-one' rate. 
The 5.5 plan requires a $50 monthly minimum, and the 4.9 requires a $25 monthly mimimum billing.
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