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If you only use 200 minutes per month, at 6.9 anytime that is only $13.80.   Do the math! 


Some programs have finally dropped their rates to try to compare to HarvestLine, but be sure to consider monthly fees, minimum usage requirements, and time of day/time of week restrictions on your calls.  
The fees erase the apparent lower rate!  Consider this:  If your monthly long distance usage is under $50, a $5 monthly fee would exceed other companies' 10% donation plans.  Sign up with HarvestLine and you can give the savings from the fee to your church.  HarvestLine will give a donation from your usage to your favorite ministry, and you keep the savings!

HarvestLine OnLine's $14.94 Filtered Internet Access is Unbeatable!


   Calculate your savings!

Enter your number of minutes charged for the month

Enter the charges for your long distance usage $ (Be sure to include any monthly fees.)


Your average rate per minute with your present carrier cents

Your rate with the HarvestLine as low as  cents

Your usage charge with HarvestLine would have been $

You would have saved approximately $ for that month!

                                                    $ for the year!

You would have helped your favorite ministry with $ for the month

                                                                 or $ for the year!

                            And at no cost to you!

Note: All calculations are approximations based upon the information that you provided and
assume consistent month to month usage.


Check out the Low Rates on
Intrastate / Local Toll charges (where available)
and International Calls

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