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What is the HarvestLine UltraBrowser affiliation program?

For any entity with a constituent base, HarvestLine.com offers a co-branded world class UltraBrowser that establishes a prominent identity with a permanent link to their website. This fully outsourced, customized Internet solution enhances a ministry’s ability to protect and grow its existing constituent base. The HarvestLine UltraBrowser is the ultimate loyalty device.  Additionally, this unique and revolutionary concept allows ministries the opportunity to receive potentially lucrative donations from three different HarvestLine sources.

Why become an affiliate with HarvestLine?

With this solution, ministries work with HarvestLine to deploy their own branded browsers very rapidly, in a matter of days. The scalable technology is hosted and maintained on UltraBrowser systems, eliminating the need for customers to utilize any outside resources except for their own content.   

Does HarvestLine obtain personal information on any of my constituents/customers as a result of their use of the HarvestLine UltraBrowser?

Absolutely not.  No personal information is obtained about any HarvestLine UltraBrowser user by HarvestLine.  All information gathered for statistical analysis is aggregate in nature and contains no specific, personal information.  We will be able to tell you what type sites your constituents visit, what type of products are purchased, and how much is spent in various categories; but no information is available to us about a specific user.  The aggregate information is for you, not us.  You may choose to use the statistical information to sell advertising space on your web site, for example -- or not.

What does HarvestLine do?

Have the private label (co-branded) browser, the network, the infrastructure, the technology, and the services to support the affiliation program provided to you in a timely manner.

Build and update the Internet Directory in the Faith and Values Channel

Secures Online Advertisers

Secures Online Merchant Affiliates

Track aggregate online transactions and commissions, collect the fees, and pay out affiliates according to the traffic their users produce and their co-branded browser generates.

How will the affiliate ministry receive donations?

Funds are generated through several avenues:

Through Advertising

Advertising revenue commissions (25%) based on percentage of the number of ad Impressions said user group delivers. Additional 10% will be added if affiliate brings its own advertisers.

Through E-Commerce

E-Commerce commissions (25%) based on percentage of net commission dollars received  (varies by Merchant) and generated by said affiliate group.  

Through Communications Products Usage

Should your constituents opt to purchase Internet Access, Long distance services, or paging products from HarvestLine; the ministry receives a donation that equals up to 10% of the total monthly usage of those products.

Could you be both an affiliate and a merchant?

HarvestLine enables its affiliates to take advantage of its diverse sales channel by creating mutually beneficial relationships between its merchants and affiliates. In addition to becoming a HarvestLine affiliate, an entity could market its own goods or services on the HarvestLine UltraBrowser network.  HarvestLine UltraBrowser will feature your site and showcase your product and services in all the co-branded directories so that other affiliates can send their visitors from their own site to your site. If the visitors buy the products or services, the UltraBrowser affiliate will receive its share of compensation. Contact HarvestLine if your would like your merchant site added to the Faith and Values Channel, "Books, Music, and more.." category.  It is under development now!

As both an affiliate/merchant, where would my eCommerce site be hosted?

UltraBrowser does not require its affiliates or merchants to host their sites in our facilities; however, through our ISP partnership, we offer a web-hosting package for dynamic database driven websites to reside in a secure facility. Utilizing high performance database servers connected to multiple Internet servers, HarvestLine's partner offers secure, fast and technically supported hosting of complex catalogs on many platforms. The servers have most large-scale enterprise databases loaded and ready to host your information. The systems are optimized to produce super fast response times to all requests made to the database.

New feature of HarvestLine UltraBrowser coming soon:

E-mail – Free e-mail service will allow you to send and receive e-mails in thirty five different languages!




Last updated: 12/07/00   Webmaster:  HarvestLine Technologist:  service@harvestline.com